List of OBD2 compatible Tata

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Make(1) Model Engine AM Fuel P(2) Protocol Mode 1 Mode 2 Mode 5(3) Mode 6 Mode 7 Mode 9


Tata Nano 650cc 2012 Gas 36 KWP FAST 883E8009
40000080 No No Yes FCC00000

(1) - The digits between brackets (x3) correspond to the number of vehicles of the same type tested

(2) - Power in DIN horsepower (multiplied by 0.736 for the power in kW)
(3) - PID only supported for the main oxygen sensor (no.1)
Mode X column: A vehicle showing 00000000 on a mode means that no corresponding PID is active and that as a result the mode is supported but will not reply to any requests. None of the vehicles described below support mode 8.
Energy column: type of fuel, Die for diesel, Pet for petrol, Hyb for hybrid
Vehicles in this list are classified in alphabetical order depending on the make then the model, then in order of increasing power

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