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Tennis Dampers

Tourna Vibrex - 1
Tennis ball design absorbs string vibration at impact and continues to absorb the after vibrations. Just insert between racquet strings!...
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Tourna WHISTLING Vibrex Damper
Whistling Dampener: Whistles while stopping vibration in rackets. The faster you swing the louder it whistles. Sound is similar to...
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This is what Pete Sampras used and many pros still use it today. Made of silicone hollow middle reduces drag...
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Blinking VIbrex
The Vibrex Blinking Dampener blinks as the ball is struck. Just insert at the bottom of the racquet. As the...
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Babolat Custom Dampers (blue and white)
Get an excellent level of dampening with the Custom Damp from Babolat. Babolat Custom Damps are designed with a viscoelastic...
R 240.00
Wilson dampers
A broad strong vibration damper. The wilson Pro Feel damper provides aborbstion demanded by the Pros.
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