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Tea or Coffee

Wake Up Coffee Mug, Heat-Sensitive Mug Sale
Wake Up Coffee Mug, Heat-Sensitive Mug
Overview: Let your coffee show you its wide awake!  The emotional coffee mug is here! Wakey Wakey rise and shine ...
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WACACO Manual Minipresso Espresso Maker Sale
WACACO Manual Minipresso Espresso Maker
Time to market: Aug-15Classification: Pump PressureOperation Method: ManualCapacity (Cup): <5 cupsFunction: EspressoCertification: CE,RoHS,SASOPower (W): 0WVoltage (V): 0WModel Number: 000056Type: Espresso...
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Tea Infuser Dude v2.0 Sale
Tea Infuser Dude v2.0
Overview The cute little dude sits in your teacup and creates marvelous tasting tea. Take off his pants and fill...
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Morphy Richards Automatic 1300W 'MENO'
Morphy Richards Automatic 1300W MENO + Free Milk Frother 15 Bar pressure pump Thermo block heating system Die cast aluminium...
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Philips Caf© Gourmet Coffee maker HD5407/60 With glass...
Philips Café Gourmet Coffee maker HD5407/60 With glass jug Boil and brew system Black Retail Box 1 year warranty
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Tea Infuser Set - Manatee and Dude (2 for the price of 1) Sale
Tea Infuser Set - Manatee and Dude (2...
The tea infuser set is a great gift for the tea lovers out there and allows for some fun during...
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Avenia Dual Plate Coffee maker
SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS " Product output: 18 liter per jug / 144 Cups per hour Brewing...
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Tea Fishing Tea Bag Holder
Inspired by a couple fishing together this tea bag holder is a wonderful gift for a tea lover. Simply rest your...
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Ninja Mug (with Cover Spoon & Coaster)
Even silent assassins need a tea break €“ I€ll take mine with 2 sugars and pain. Need to get your...
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MoccaServer by Techivorm
Technivorm Moccaserver Average customer rating 4.5 : brewing temperature between 92°-96°/keeping temperature between 80°-85° meeting the requirements of the ECBC...
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Large Chemistry Glass Coffee Mug (400ml)
Perk yourself up with a cup of C₈H ₁₀N₄0₂ yes, coffee! Chemically brilliant! This laboratory inspired mug is etched with...
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Fire Place Tool Set
Dont get your fingers burned!Static deco to create that fire place look or of course can be used to stoke...
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Ornate fire screen - Beige
Surely you dont want your carpet or wooden floor burned by stray sparks.Ornate fire screen in beige use as permanent...
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Ceramic Camera Lens Cup
SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS If you like a bit more substance to your morning coffee mug look...
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Geek Mug
Let your geek flag fly with this ceramic mug! Join the hippest alliance in the world… The Geeks! Made with...
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Tea Diver tea infuser | Orange
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Seasonal Sample pack
SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS "Consisting of a top selection from the roasting house any 8 coffee/espresso types....
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Suprise Mug - I'm A Twat
At first glance this handsome but ordinary-looking mug doesnt exactly stand out from the crowd€¦ but as soon as anyone...
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Pretty self-explanatory this mug is full of attitude. We all know a special someone that this mug would suit perfectly;...
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The Bat Mug
Even caped crusaders need a tea break. All tuckered out after another night of fighting crime? This dramatic ceramic mug...
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Tea Diver tea infuser | Lime Green
R 276.00
Tea Diver tea infuser | Blue
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Costa Rica la Candelilla
SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS Candied fruit flavour notes and silky texture ensures that it goes down well...
R 663.00
The Pastor (Beans only)
SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS If this is The Pastor then surely the beans are his herd. Is...
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Cuba - Sierra Maestra
SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS Cuban coffee is all too rare but luckily we have managed to source...
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SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS Whether you believe the tale of Kaldi and his goats or you prefer...
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Mexican Organic -1KG
As the Mayans intended super smooth no bitter aftertaste.COUNTRYMexicoREGIONChiapasPROCESSFully organic washed
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Colombian Decaf - 1KG
All the flavour without the caffeine. Using the Swiss water process 99.9% of caffeine is removed leaving behind no bad...
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Uganda Organic Sipi Falls
SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS Organic coffee grown near Mount Elgon National Park on the Kenya border. Grown...
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Indonesia Mandheling
SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS Mandheling beans from the north of Sumatra as with all Indonesian coffees expect...
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Ethiopia Sidamo Organic - 1KG
SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS This Sidamo bean has a fruity fragrance. A good balance in body and...
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Costa Rica Bruncas
SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS Fruity and floral with delicate spicy aromas. Mild acidity makes this bean excellent...
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Colombia Excel
SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS Expect a medium body coffee low acidity with hints of honey and peaches...
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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Gourmet
SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS Velvety fragrant with chocolate sweet but rich smooth bodied flavour.
R 557.00
Brazil Black Mountain
SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS Expect nutty with high notes of cocoa sweet and citric velvety aftertaste.COUNTRYBrazilREGIONCerrado (Sul)PROCESSPulped...
R 597.00
Colombian Huila
SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS Rich flavour heavy bodied and intensely aromatic. Best coffee to wake up to.Huila...
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