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Stembile Mukwambo

Midnight Matte
Midnight Black matte round and oval beads, a perfect accessory for Him
R 179.99
Venus Tan
This all bronze pearl bracelet is a perfect accessory for the office and for the cocktail of the week
R 169.99
A colourful pearl choker and bracelet combo that is a must have for every fashionista
R 219.99
Trio of White
3 large white pearls set among sunset gold pearls which are perfect as a boardroom accessory.
R 169.99
Nubian Pearl
A trio of colours of white, gold and cream pearls that set the background for the black diamond inspired black...
R 169.99
Nguni Pearls
Mahogany brown wooden pearls set in contrast with smaller earth brown beads, for a Nguni inspired pearl bracelet
R 149.99
These stacked bracelets are made of brightly coloured matte beads with different inspirational messages to brighten your day, the 'Motle'...
R 199.99
Square and round shaped hand painted drift wood bracelet
R 139.99
A trio of golden, white and cream pearls accessorized by acrylic flowers make this neck piece a must have
R 249.99
A gorgeous combination of cream, gold and white pearls with sparkly red beads and silver diamante rhinestones
R 189.99
Drift wood beautifully shaped, hand painted and polished to make these beautifully casual wooden pearl bracelets.
R 129.99
Heel of Pearl
Bronze, gold and white pearls with a silver heel accessory for the shoe lover in you!
R 179.99
Motle Tassel
Black pearls branded with motle cubes and a tassel for flair make for a cool key chain
R 119.99
Golden gauze pearls with assorted matted beads make for a bling inspired key chain
R 129.99
Small golden pearls with a blue veined ceramic heart make a beautiful combination with these Royal blue matte beads
R 169.99
Blared Matte
A beautiful assemble of matte black round and oval beads, black and greenglass swahili beads as well as red matte...
R 189.99
Blue Tassel
made of drift wood and hand painted in an array of spring inspired colours, this bracelet stack is the best...
R 199.99
Beautifully polished wooden pearls married with wooden saucers to make a gorgeous bracelet for any occassion
R 149.99
A marriage of gold and cream pearls with matte royal blue beads as well as golden gauze pearls for a...
R 299.99
A cream and black pearl combination for a boardroom accessory every woman needs.
R 249.99
Wooden hand painted pearls accessorized with wooden hand painted smiley face hearts, to keep the smile on your face and...
R 139.99
For those that love stacking their bracelets, this bohemian themed 'Motle' branded bracelet made of matte beads and colourful accessories...
R 249.99
Polished and shiny saucer shaped wooden beads, with the makings of a beautiful treat for yourself or a friend!
R 149.99
This beautiful piece is marriage between golden pearls and matte black beads with golden gauze beads. A perfect gift for...
R 199.99
Mambo Blue
These royal blue beaded bracelets that come in royal blue and a navy blue/royal blue combo are married with golden...
R 159.99
Matte KC
'Motle' branded keychain with matte beads
R 114.99
Rainbow coloured wooden pearls with stone coloured hearts
R 149.99