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Ice Luge Shots/Drinks Chiller
Shots are best served icey-cold but its not always practical to chill an entire bottle. Now any drink can be...
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Erlenmeyer Flask Decanter (2 litres)
Store liquor whisky brandy or decant wine and serve beverages. Great for any chemistry enthusiasts science geeks or anyone who...
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Charred Whiskey Glasses (Set of 2)
The flavours from your favourite whiskey are enhanced by the process of inch charring inch the oak barrels that theyre...
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Immerse iPhone 6 VR Phone Case
Take your Virtual Reality experience everywhere with this ultra-portable iPhone 6 case. Just extend the lens out and over. Its...
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Zombie Head Whisky & Drinks Decanter (1150ml)
The world is in full grip of zombie mania and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. With blockbuster...
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Spork Monkey 10-in-1 Multi-tool
Be prepared for anything. Rest assured that youll have the right tool on you for any job that may come...
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Glass Grenade Whisky & Liquor Decanter with Cork...
Make the flavour of your favourite tipple explode with this awesome glass decanter made in the shape of a hand...
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NSD Neon Powerball Pro (Green) Sale
NSD Neon Powerball Pro (Green)
One of the fastest non-motorised machines in the world! This latest Neon glowing computer-monitored version of Power Ball is meant...
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Diamond Whiskey Glasses Set (2 pcs)
Be the diamond in the rough with this set of diamond style glasses. Fashioned to look like a diamond; these...
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7-in-1 Solar Space Fleet
Create your own space station with the 7 in 1 solar rechargeable space fleet! Fun and easy to assemble for...
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Pretty self-explanatory this mug is full of attitude. We all know a special someone that this mug would suit perfectly;...
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The Bat Mug
Even caped crusaders need a tea break. All tuckered out after another night of fighting crime? This dramatic ceramic mug...
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Official Borat Mankini
SHIPS IN 1 TO 3 WORKING DAYS Are you brave enough to bare all in a Mankini? Not just for...
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Das Horn Viking Drinking Horn (with strap)
Tired of drinking from pint glasses flasks or - heaven forbid - gold chalices? Try DAS HORN. Feel like a...
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My Train Journey for Train Lovers (fits most...
The ultimate in fantasy adventure: Mi Train Journey offers you all the mystery and thrill of rail travel without the...
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Fotomatic Photo Sleeve Wallet
Carry your treasured memories with you. Slip photos into the clear old-school pockets of this wallet to create an on-trend...
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Da Vinci Catapult
Get a deeper understanding of one of historys great geniuses with this fully working scale model of a Leonardo Da...
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Space Coaster DIY Rollercoaster
With the ingenious Space Coaster you can build a spectacular gravity-defying rollercoaster for€¦ marbles! Featuring white-knuckle twists and turns as...
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Suprise Mug - I'm A Twat
At first glance this handsome but ordinary-looking mug doesnt exactly stand out from the crowd€¦ but as soon as anyone...
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Solar Bugz - Cockroach
These solar powered bugs can be found in the shape of a cockroach spider or grasshopper. Being in the sun...
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Dollar Sign Rhodium Cufflinks Set
This stylish pair of cufflinks that will add flair to any cuff. Rhodium cufflinks are not only exquisite but durable...
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Aqua Phone Case
Place your phone and seal. With this form-fitting waterproof case you can safeguard your smart phones from the elements! As...
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Finger Candle Set (5 pack)
Designed to look just like fingers these creepy candles make the perfect addition to a spooky cake! Modelled on a...
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Bubble Wrap Ties (2 pack)
Relieve boardroom boredom or get the party popping with these unique ties! Sure to offset any outfit to its best...
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Inflatable Chef Costume
The fun packed Inflatable Chef Costume Perfect for fancy dress parties! This Inflatable Chef Costume is a recipe for fun...
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Pussy Magnet Desktop Magnet
Fancy yourself a bit of a ladies man? This useful desk accessory will not only keep your desk clutter free...
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Turbo Charger for Smartphones
The Turbo Charger doubles the output of power released when charging from a laptop to a Smartphone! Featuring an output...
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Padintosh Cover for iPad 2/3
Evoke the heady technological heyday of the mid 80s with this retro iPad cover. Released to much fan-fare in 1984...
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Click Stick Selfie Stick
We'€ve all been there; you gather your mates for that massive group Selfie, you are reaching for that button... And...
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80s Retro iPhone ® Case
By todays standards youd be forgiven for mistaking a 1980s mobile phone for well a house brick but back in...
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iPhone ® 4/4S - Retro Game Cover
Re-create epic car journeys of yore with your trusty retro game consul at your side. Only this time the retro...
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Power Share Charging Cable for Android & iPhone...
Our power hungry devices are always in need of a top-up. Now you can share the power! The Power Share...
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LED Programmable iPhone 6/6S Cover
Share your message with the world! The LED matrix case displays text, graphics, animation, a 24-hour clock and incoming calls....
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JuiceCell Plus+ Charge Your Gadgets on the Go...
This battery shaped emergency charger provides extra juice for your gadget on-the-go. Despite its pocket-sized stature this portable charger lends...
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Bluetooth Splash Speaker
The perfect rugged speaker for your outdoor and active life. This bluetooth speaker features a rugged case that will protect...
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Eye Scope for iPad 2
Fit this zoom lens onto your iPad and get picture detail like never before! Manually focusable with an 8 x...
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iPhone ® 4/4S Custom Cover - Interactive Logo...
Protect and personalise your iPhone 4 with these funky Custom Covers! Simply attach the form-fitting transparent case to your handset...
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iPhone ® 4 - Doodle Case
Show off your signature style with this customisable phone case! Simply use the pen provided to decorate the form-fitting case...
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Geek Mug
Let your geek flag fly with this ceramic mug! Join the hippest alliance in the world… The Geeks! Made with...
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Cursor Icon Fridge Magnet Set
For anyone who€s ever browsed the net downloaded an app or simply used a computer cursor icons are a familiar...
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