What is the difference between the Huion H610 and the Huion H610 Pro?

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What is the difference between the Huion H610 and the Huion H610 ProThis is a question we are often asked on

There are 4 main differences:

The first difference is in the texture of the surface. The updated one H610 Pro has a slippery- proof texture which would allow you to feel more comfortable like drawing on a real paper. However, this is not a feature on the H610. 

Second, there is a difference in the stylus. H610 has a stylus that needs an AAA battery while H610 pro is a rechargeable one. There is need to change the battery in H610 Pro stylus and of course, the rechargeable stylus has a better sense and response.

Third, is the reporting rate speed. The reporting rate of H610 Pro is 233 resolutions per second while the H610 is 220 RPS. It is well-known that if the report rate is more, the line or the picture drawn would be more similar to the profile drafted by the pen.

Finally, it is the resolution. The resolution of H610 Pro is 5080LPI while the H610 is 4000LPI.

From this clear comparison, we can draw a conclusion that H610 Pro is a updated version of H610.



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