Tracking a USPS parcel in South Africa

Posted by Adewale Adejumo on is not affiliated with USPS: WE CANNOT HELP YOU TRACK. Please contact the numbers in this post to assist you with tracking your parcel, NOT Good luck :).)

The post office staff can be ignorant about items coming into the country. USPS post items are not treated the same as items coming from other countries. 

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Created on Posted by Komeshni Perumal Comment Link

Please help track my parcel from usps …ordered 4 weeks ago.
Tracking number :




Created on Posted by Llewellyn S Comment Link

Hi, I would really appreciate any help. A parcel was sent to me from Los Angeles, USA on 9 March 2016 via First Class International Mail. I have no record of where the parcel is now. Tracking number is LK200954728US. Many thanks

Created on Posted by Kgaogelo Comment Link

Hi was anyone able to get help here? I am also struggling to get my package I have been waiting for over a month now! Please help

Created on Posted by Ferdi Feder Comment Link

Please HELP! I am too sitting with the same problem ordered a part from US via USPS don’t know where the parcel is .. ordered other parts 2 days later from UK I received that part 8days ago… tracking no.LK007282093US

Created on Posted by Karabo Matlala Comment Link

Hello can you please help me to where is my parcel LJ915505778US

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