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Tracking a USPS parcel in South Africa

Posted by Adewale Adejumo on

Zasttra.com is not affiliated with USPS: WE CANNOT HELP YOU TRACK. Please contact the numbers in this post to assist you with tracking your parcel, NOT zasttra.com. Good luck :).)

The post office staff can be ignorant about items coming into the country. USPS post items are not treated the same as items coming from other countries. 

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Created on Posted by Mikkaela Hughes Comment Link

Good day

Can you please give me a South African tracking number for a parcel that I have ordered on the 23rd March 2016? It was supposed to take 7-21 working days for shipment. the tracking number is LN408716279US


Created on Posted by Lireze Comment Link

Looks to me like no one is able to help us at the post office, and no one is picking up the phone.
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee help me find my package for our wedding LN378162914US

Created on Posted by Dean Maaske Comment Link

The problem does not lie with USPS. The problem lies with SAPO. I have had many experiences over the years and the result is always the same. Your parcel will travel all over the world with the same tracking number…Until it reaches RSA. (The dudes now have to put a SA tracking number on it) – Problem 2. You phone the call center and it rings on and on and on..you email them on the address they give and you get no answers – Problem 3. If you phone the local post office they will tell you that it has not left customs yet as they have not opened the container as there is a backlog – Problem 4. You phone customs and the response is the same…they refer you to the SAPO website to track the parcel – Problem5. The SAPO tracking website does not allow for international tracking numbers..only SA tracking numbers… BACK TO SQUARE ONE. This is Africa and as Trevor Noah says it so well…WE MUST GO THIS WAY… Will we ever get it right?

Created on Posted by Riaan Comment Link

How did do I track my deliveries for USPS, the information is not updated?

Created on Posted by Nadine Comment Link

How do i find out if a package has left Jamaica? it just says “in transit”. please help!

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