Will the same MHL hdmi cable work on my Samsung S3 and Samsung S2?

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The simple answer to this question is No. 


There are two versions of mhl hdmi cables. They are differ due to the micro usb part of the cable. There are 2 types of micro usb: A 5 Pin and a 11 pin . The 5 pin is the first generation MHL cable and is compatible to Samsung Galaxy S II / i9100 / i997 Infuse 4G / Samsung Galaxy Note / i9220 while the second version are 11 pin which are compatible to Samsung Galaxy S IV / i9500 , Galaxy Note 2 / N7100 , Galaxy S III/ i9300.


Hope when you decide to buy, you make sure that you buy the correct cable type for your phone to avoid problems between you and the seller. Hope this post helps.

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Which cable will work with Samsung note 2 pad n 8000 please advise

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