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HTC Goes Android | How Does it Compare to Samsung?

Posted by Adewale Adejumo on

HTC is back in the android game with the HTC One and has promised to put up an even bigger fight against its bigger rival this time round.

If you are currently in the market for a new high-end smartphone there is certainly some great hardware to be had, with two of the most sought after devices being the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. On paper, the One ought to deliver. It’s got a full HD screen, great speakers, an innovative camera, a new way to see your social media and a new design that makes a single piece of aluminium into an object of desire.

It also has a high-speed processor that pushes things along effortlessly, it also has a feature called HTC Zoe that takes three-second videos so you can easily find the single best shot. And there’s the handy addition of an infrared sensor so the device can act as a remote control.

Thats great but how does it compare to big brother (Samsung S4) Check out





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