8 Vaporisers to Party with on Halloween

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Truly lightweight, that’s what the G-Pen is known for. Probably, one of the best portable vaporizers that has changed the game, it’s been taking vapers around the world in an ultra vaping experience! 
Simply fill up your G Pen with your favorite oil or wax and you are ready to get started vaping all the way. If you feel like it, you can even pass it around and share the fun and high that you are experiencing with the G Pen vaporizer. With G-Pen’s presence with you on a party, you will surely have no dull moments.


As G-Pen is such a small vaporizer, it is undeniably cute and sleek, so why not try dressing it as a minion? =)

Get It Here: G-Pen Vaporizer 

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What does the item cost and when can it be available

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