Awesome Zero Gravity Chair For Your Relaxing Time

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What is a Zero Gravity Chair?
Zero Gravity chairs are specially designed chairs which can assume a position wherein your legs are above the level of your heart. Below illustration should give more clear picture on Zero Gravity Position.

Zero Gravity Position
If you are suffering from muscle pains, spine ailments, stressful situations, Zero Gravity Chairs are one of the most helpful relaxation tools. Of course, these Chairs does not float in Zero Gravity as the name suggests. But it can give you the experience of minimum influence of Gravity possible on earth. Having been developed by NASA as a position for Astronauts to experience very less effect of Gravity when leaving the earth’s orbit, Zero Gravity Position has became pretty popular when its concept was leveraged to develop Zero Gravity Chairs.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs
There are wide variety of benefits which are proven by medical experts because of the fact that the effect of gravity on Human body will be significantly lower. Some of the main benefits of using zero gravity chairs are:

  • Reduced compression on body structure especially spine (especially a boon for people for back pain / muscular pains).
  • Better Blood circulation.
  • Enhanced Respiration as lungs feel lighter.
  • Eliminate stress and feel refreshed.
  • Sleep better. Many users with sleep troubles have experienced that they fell asleep faster in the zero gravity chair.

Who should use zero gravity chairs?
People with history of structural ailments such as back pain / lower back pain, muscular pain, etc.,
People above age of 50 who suffer from structural / spine issues.
People looking for an outdoor type relaxing chair which can folded and carried wherever required.
For people looking for a full body massage chair, these chairs can provide the massage at zero gravity position which provides maximum benefits.

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