Solution for MaxiScan MS-509 obdii code scanner problem

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Autel MS509 fault code scanner is specially designed for all obdii compliant vehicles. MaxiScan MS-509 support multilanguage version. Today I’ll show a question and answer about ms509 update problem.

Autel MaxiScan MS509 OBD2 Code Scanner MS509 DTC code reader

Here is the question:

When I try to connect it to my pc (I use windows xp sp3) the pc doesn’t recognise it. It recognise an “unknow device”. I have install the software of the cd but the problem remain. Also, the light of the display is on while the scanner is conected to the pc, but I can’t turn on the scanner while it is connected.

There is an answer for you:

Step 1: When installing the software from CD en pluggin the MS509 to your USB port, screen is lighting up en is OFF, I went to hardware manager in configuration screen (windows 7 64bit, and also in my XP sp 3)

Step 2: When the maxiscan ms509 is plugged in there is an USB RS232 something with RS232 with a message dat de drivers are not installed. Drivers are not included with the CD

Step 3: Just download for your OS and unpack to a new dir then in your hardware manager click on the RS232 and install drivers manualy, pointing to the drivers you just unpacked in a new directory.

Step 4: Now it shoud install maxiscan ms509 scanner drivers for de RS232 hardware (Serial to USB converter). After this your diagnostic MS509 will turn ON.

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I’ve tried it in three different cars any every time it gets halfway through Diagnostics stage and it losses connection, I retry & does the same

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