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Posted by Shaun Parker on

The most requested feature of 2013 was for Zasttra.com to integrate easier navigation in products and storefront on Desktop and Mobile.

Today, we’re excited to say that we’ve officially released it! But wait, we revamped the whole webpage.   

What does this mean for you? 

If you buy on Zasttra.com, we now have one site for mobile and for desktop with our new responsive theme. 

Features added:

  • We’ve added Dropdown menu for Tablets and Phones

  • A slideshow module for product images

  • A quick shop feature so you don’t need to leave the current page you’re on to make a purchase

  • Cloud zoom for images (just run your mouse over the image without clicking)

  • Voice activated search --- Nah you didn’t! --- YES we did! J (For desktops only)

  • Many more features. 

Click here today to try out the new site. 

Thanks for all your support! 

The team at Zasttra.com

P.S If you’re as excited about this upgrade as we are, can we get a shoutout?

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